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Record Storage Options
If you need offsite file or record storage, you want assurance that your critical data archives are safe and protected. At East Side Self Storage, we have been providing safe, confidential and accessible business document storage for Canadian companies of all sizes since 2003.

Record & File Storage Services
Local businesses tend to have files and important records that may need to be held for legal reasons. As time goes on, these important documents can start to accumulate in the office. This is when storage is needed that will protect these documents as well as declutter the office. Call us today for file and record storage.

How We’re Different From Other Record Storage Properties
  • Our security measures are second to none and include features like individual door alarms, electronic access systems and video surveillance. In addition:
  • Our service system gives you total control and access to your documents; no access fees or waiting for deliveries from full service storage companies
  • Our temperature controlled buildings are ideal for all types of business storage, from paper files to products to computer tapes, microfilm, DVDs and CDs.
  • We recommend and encourage your own shelving to customize your storage, as well as good quality storage boxes.
  • Flexible invoicing available, as well as the ability to transfer to a larger or smaller area without additional fees.
  • Pay only for the storage you require. Our storage experts can help you determine the storage size for your record storage needs.
  • We offer package receiving services for commercial accounts.
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